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Good updates, particularly about Bp Strickland. Whether there's any consequence for any bishop to express disagreement the way he has calls for attention.

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Mike, I mostly agree with you here, especially how political he’s become but his take on all the covid mania are becoming more true every day, especially when we found out in the summer of 21 that even if you got the vax, you could still spread it and get it, that made mandate’s ridiculous, if the vax could do those two things, then there was real meaning to doing it for your neighbor but once we learned that wasn’t the case, it became a way to line the pockets of big pharma, which their famous for, just look at opioid crisis or vioxx

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That information was shared in a fundamentally dishonest way, neglecting the fact that the vaccine unquestionably reduced serious illness, hospitalization, and death.

In other words, certain variants were extremely contagious, and the vaccine didn't account for every type, but when everything was taken into account, the unvaccinated were MUCH more likely to be hospitalized or die than the unvaccinated.

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This is untrue Mike. Vaccine manufacturers claimed, they were design to train the immune system to train and fight a fake virus, this is laughable. The Omniscient God design our intelligent immune system to fight real and tough viruses, present in billions in our sorroundings. And then you are saying, our immune ssystem needs to be train by a fake man made viruses?

But ofcourse this view is in line with Germ Theory that I don't believe in.

Viruses are exosomes, they are excreted by human cells on purpose, what purpose? Viruses or exosomes acts like solvent to dissolve toxins. When toxins enters or accumulate in man's body, the body will produce heat to dissolve this toxins, and viruses wil be release to disssolve it more faster, and they can be excreted as sweat.

But ofcourse, I took the shot as I always believed in the wisdom of Pope Francis, esp, that PBXVI also showed that we must accept it, not for protection, but prudence calls that we must take it, to survive. Why? Mankind no longer embrace the value of obedience to Church authority and God's commandments, and so, the wisdom of God allows mankind to learn obedience, the hard way.

Be wise Mike.

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I agree with that, and I think if it was presented as an excellent therapeutic, which it’s looking like it really was, than first off, there’s a chance more people would have taken it, but the dishonesty on the front end, “take the vax and your body becomes a dead end from the virus” is Fauci’s direct quote, I’m not saying he was lying at the time he said that, but because it turned out to be so completely wrong, it’s not crazy to be cynical, and wonder if it wasn’t the classic Pharma grift

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Cdl.Burke and Cdl.Muller schismatic heart were expose via Amoris L.

The likes of Bp.Strickland schismatic heart were expose via vaxx.

The likes of Ab.Cordileone, Ab.Chaput were expose via receiving the eucharist.

And a lot of schismatic were expose via TC, and most thru weaponizing abortion, making it a political weapon to condemn the likes of Biden and Pelosi.

The pandemic exposes a lot of schismatic priest,bishops and cardinals and trad groups who opposes the CDF and Pope Francis.

But in the science of the vaxx, the good scientist and doctors vs. the corrupted ones were expose too. Looking back at covid protocols today, you will just laugh why one were tricked into wearing a face mask, face shield, social distancing,etc..all this stuff is laughable now, but the so called respected scientist and doctors uphold this as true science..lol

And ofcourse, there are many who do not even take the shot, and still alive and well until today.

I really laugh hard at the likes of Sam Rocha, who doesn't know anything about viruses and vaxx, and making an arguments during those days, not knowing his position, is pure non-sense in the aftermath of pandemic.

Have we been fooled? In the Wisdom of God, the answer is NO!, God allows mankind to be quarantine and the world to be in total silence, to reflect on what life really, is all about, as mankind forget, that we are here not merely to enjoy a worldly life, but to follow Christ and embrace the "Way of the Cross", to gain eternal life, not a worldly life, and vaxx, although an instrument of dubia, it helps a lot of people to get back on track.

Mike Lewis...study more, read Vonderplanitz and Terrain Theory, because like most people like Dr.Pedro Gabriel, you had been tricked, and this is science, do not swim in this field because obviously, you lack good knowledge, but in defending Pope Francis papacy and Church Teachings and Doctrines, you are really brilliant.

Also, you failed 101% in discrediting, an honest man like Jong R., in defending one of the future Saint, the good and zealous Cdl.McCarrick had given a lot for the Church for sixty priestly long years, and even embraced martyrdom in 2018, to save the Church from sexual abuse crisis, and shielded Pope Francis from coup d'etat by Vigano's evil camp, ouster plot.

But overall, WPI had been a key instrument in enlightening us how to trust Pope Francis even more.

Happy birthday Mike, and I do hope and pray, that by God's grace, you will be led to visit Uncle Ted, and somehow, do an effort in social media, to bring back his lost feathers.

God bless.

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Bishop Strickland, on the road to sanctity? That's what it seems. May Pilate and Herode and the High Priest crucify the Mystical Body of Christ.

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